Choose convenient and fast "Door-to-door delivery"

Доставка до дверей, Uklon

Delivery from Uklon is:


Ordering door-to-door delivery is done in just a few clicks. And to deliver the package to the driver, you don't need to leave the house.

Choose a payment method

When creating an order, you can choose any convenient payment method – non-cash or cash.


The driver does not take other orders dear. Delivery is a priority. Most of these orders are completed within an hour.


The driver will pick up the parcel at the door of the apartment or office and deliver it to the recipient's door. This means that there will be no reason to once again violate isolation during quarantine.

Last mile

Door-to-door delivery can be used to pick up items from online stores and warehouses. Uklon will be the last link in the buying, selling and ordering phase.

We deliver safely
We took care of safety by providing drivers with protective equipment.
Also, don't worry about the package, we did it for you. Each parcel is insured for UAH 15,000 for loss and UAH 7,000 for damage.

“I take care of my family with delivery from Uklon”