Who does the delivery work for?

The “Delivery” class allows you to transfer a parcel weighing up to 20 kg. It is possible to order delivery to your home or to your door.

  • For business
  • For clients
  • For drivers
Expand your business opportunities
Track your parcel in real time
The ability to receive a parcel simply by opening the door
Track your package every minute
You choose the delivery time
Відстежуй шлях
Ride by your rules
Earn more
Free schedule
Minimum contact with passengers
Доставка для водіїв, Uklon

Fixed cost

The door-to-door delivery service costs only UAH 20, so you know what the final cost of the service will be.

Convenient interface

You already know where to poke to make a delivery. We made sure everything was quick and clear.

The package is safe

Each parcel is insured for UAH
15,000 for loss and UAH 7,000 for damage.

Delivery Uklon
Find out more about all the features and benefits of the Door Delivery service.
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