Uklon has launched an advertising campaign that talks about the favorite features of customers

favorite features of customers

Uklon has partnered with I am IDEA agency to create a series of videos on additional options for the Uklon app. Each of the videos ironically plays up situations when a person can order drivers, independently lower or increase the price and remain calm in any situation thanks to automatic insurance of all rides.

“Each person ordering a car counts on three important components of the service: expanding their comfort zone, speed and safety. These three videos are created to remind people of their ability to choose and independently prioritize each time a car is ordered: to adjust the price themselves, and not just accept the established one. Thus, determine/optimize for yourself the time of car delivery and always be calm about your health and safety”, – Vadim Ishchenko, Marketing Director of Uklon, comments on the advertising campaign.

Also, as part of the advertising campaign, the promo of a new class “Delivery to the door”, which was launched by Uklon in the first half of 2020. Now you can transfer any things, products or documents at the rate of a regular ride (to any part of the city), or at the cost of “normal rate +20 UAH” if delivery will be carried out “to the door”. For the convenience of customers, the option, which has long existed in the app, has been brought into a separate class and each package will be automatically insured. This class can be used in all cities where Uklon operates.

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