I want to become Uklon business partner


    Uklon personal manager will help with vehicle fleet launching, and on request will help to improve performance and set up business processes for guaranteed and steady income.


    Special discounts and loyalty programs on fuel, spare parts and repair. Uklon will also help with choosing vehicles to extend the fleet.


    The owner of the vehicle fleet has access to detailed reports on the drivers’ rides and earnings.

    Bonus for car branding
    The cars that are allowed to cooperation have to be clean outside and inside, with no corrosion and damaged body, on seasonal and not used tires. More details about the requirements for brands and models of cars can be found in the regional office.
    Uklon motivates its partners with branding bonuses, which depend on the number of completed orders. There are also individual conditions and benefits for partners. The fleet development manager will provide you with more details.
    Uklon personal manager accompanies the vehicle fleet, analyzes performance and helps to organize work to get a steady income.
    I want to connect
    the vehicle fleet to Uklon

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