Відповіді та питання

Відповіді та питання

Uklon launched travel sharing service Uklon Share


Uklon has launched a new product, Uklon Share, which allows customers to share trips with each other. Now the app will not only be able to find a car that will pick you up at the address and take you to your destination, but also pick up a fellow traveler with the best route. As a result, you can save up to 40% on the ride from the price of the Standard class.

“Now, when ordering a car in the line where the car classes are indicated, you can select the Share service. After you have chosen your route, the application will first start looking for a companion with a similar route, and then find a driver who will pick you up at the specified points and take everyone to their destination. This will make it possible not only to save passengers’ money, but also to unload the city transport. Also, it is important for us that this product can help reduce the amount of emissions that pollute the air,”– says Sergey Smus, co-founder and COO of Uklon.

In the starter version, the ride can be shared with only one travel companion due to security measures during quarantine. But, the company is also considering increasing the number of potential travel companions in the future.

So far, Uklon Share is available only in Kyiv, but after that the company plans to expand the sharing coverage to all cities of its presence.