How Uklon helps in wartime

In difficult times, the Ukrainian online car calling service Uklon continues to volunteer and help.

Today, the application has developed “Charity Contributions” option for logistical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territory Defence, medical workers and those who need it. To make a donation, on the main screen of the application, you have to click on the “Charity contribution” button and transfer the desired amount of funds. The money received will be directed to #UklonVolonter: a project that helps volunteers and workers of the city’s critical infrastructure with transport.

So far, within the project, 6,019 volunteer trips have been made and 182,000 portions of food, 7,345 kg of products, 10,000 liters of water, 9,440 liters of fuel, hundreds of items of medicines and necessary items have been handed over.

In addition, Uklon opened the opportunity to carry out long-distance transportation by launching a new class of “Evacuation” cars. Now passengers of the service can find a driver to move between cities of Ukraine, previously it was possible to create trips only within one city and region. It is worth noting that the fare for the trip repeats the city fare, except for the cost of a kilometer outside the city, where it doubles.

In the first 4 weeks of operation, a total of 3,526 trips were made. The longest distance covered in one trip was 841 km on the Mykolaiv – Lviv route.

Specialists processed an array of data among the cities where the “Evacuation” class was most often used and analyzed where Ukrainians were leaving and where they were evacuating in the future:

  • from Kyiv, people came to Vinnytsia, Bila Tserkva and Cherkasy;
  • from Lviv to Shegyni checkpoint, Truskavets, Chervonograd and Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • from Mykolaiv – to Odesa and to the Palanka checkpoint;
  • from Kharkiv – to Dnipro and Poltava;
  • from Zaporizhiye – to Dnipro.

Transportation is carried out by drivers cooperating with Uklon. The company also involves third-party drivers, which increases the possibility of evacuating everyone who has the desire. Drivers are also ready to take humanitarian cargo in the opposite direction.

Uklon has been with the Ukrainian army for 8 years. Since 2014, the company regularly helps the Ukrainian army through the “Return Alive” Charity Fund, the annual amount of support reaches one million hryvnias. In February, on the first day of the war, the company transferred UAH 3 million to the “Return Alive” fund and increased monthly payments to UAH 300,000.