Earn with Uklon: free schedule, stable earnings
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Free schedule

Working with us, only you decide when to take an order, how much to work and earn.

Plenty of orders

You will be able to select the orders that are on your way and that are nearby.

Easy to start

The payment for completed orders can be withdrawn to the bank card on the first day of work.


Driver earnings directly depend on the number of completed orders. You have the opportunity to receive tips and bonuses to earn even more.

The order can be accepted automatically or manually in the mobile app. Orders are payed by cash or card. The application has a flexible filter system to receive orders that fit you the most.

You can decide where the funds for completed orders will be credited – to a card or wallet. Money can be transferred to a card of any Ukrainian bank or you can activate the automatic transfer of non-cash payments to a card tied to your account. The size of the commission depends on the city and is debited from the wallet, which you can top up through Privat24 and Uklon Driver.

Cars clean from the outside and inside are allowed for cooperation, without corrosion and body damage, on seasonal and not worn tires, not with a coupe body. The car must be not older than 2005 for Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro Odesa and Kharkiv, and not older 2001 year for other cities. For detailed information, contact the office in your city.

Work & earn money using Uklon Driver app
The Uklon Driver application will place an order nearby, build a route and generate a detailed income report.
Work when it's convenient for you
Control your time and earnings
Cooperation with Uklon: free schedule, stable earnings