Uklon and the National Police have started cooperation to search for missing children

The relevant memorandum of cooperation was signed by the Deputy Head of the National Police, the head of the patrol police, Oleksandr Facevych, and Serhii Smus, the operations director and co-founder of the Ukrainian online car calling service Uklon.

As a part of the cooperation, Uklon is starting to develop and implement among its clients a system of notification about the search for children. Detailed information about the search and photo of the child will be shared among service users in the areas where the child was last seen.

The Deputy Head of the National Police, Oleksandr Facevych, emphasized the importance of such an initiative, especially in the context of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine:

“We are doing tremendous work to search for a child, connecting the public, social networks, and mobile operators. But even when one child is not found, it is a very terrible trouble. And such a tool with the use of application, I am sure, will become very effective. Help by public and businesses to find children is very important to us.”

Operations director and co-founder of the online service, Serhiy Smus, noted that the company has enough technical expertise and developed modern solutions for urban infrastructure that can be useful outside of business:

“We are Ukrainian company, and we have been close to Ukrainians for a long time, whatever was happening around. And I am glad for such a partnership. I really want more such common projects to happen in our country. Business can become a strong partner for the state and bring significant benefits to the lives and safety of Ukrainians.”

We emphasize that when it comes to the disappearance of a child, there is no need to delay: the sooner police receive a report about the disappearance, the sooner the child can be returned home.