Uklon and the Olena Pinchuk Foundation are resuming the work of “Mobile Clinics” in the Lviv region

Uklon and the Olena Pinchuk Foundation continue their partnership and restore the project “Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children” in the Lviv region.

“Lviv region has become a new home for many Ukrainians. That is why it is important to continue the work of the project in the region, which sheltered about 1,000 HIV-positive people and children. Some of them registered, others applied for Art-therapy, the timely and continuous administration of which is extremely important for maintaining the immune system of people with HIV. In the most difficult times, our loyal partners, the Uklon online car call service, made it possible to provide high-quality medical and social services to HIV-positive families living in remote settlements and unable to reach the regional center on their own,” says Olga Serdyuk, program director Olena Pinchuk Foundation.

On June 29, as part of the implementation of the project, a multidisciplinary team consisting of a pediatrician, a nurse and a social worker visited HIV-positive children in the city of Horodok and the village of Cherlyany, Lviv region. During the trip, a blood sample was taken for the necessary medical tests, Art-therapy was given, counseling was provided for parents and children who have HIV-positive status, and humanitarian aid was given from the “BT Merezha” Lviv Municipal Corporation.

“Uklon was and remains close to Ukrainians so that everyone can receive timely medical and other assistance regardless of their location or level of wealth. From the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russia through the “Volunteer” project, Uklon and its partners provided medicine to those who needed it. Our convictions are unchanged: business should be close to Ukrainians and help them now. We are grateful to our partner, the Olena Pinchuk Foundation, that with joint efforts we managed to restore the work of the project and not remain aloof from the problem that affects many”, said Serhiy Smus, operations director and co-founder of the online service Uklon.

The project “Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children” uses cars from the online service Uklon, where a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist, a nurse, a social worker and a doctor provide assistance to HIV-positive children and HIV-infected pregnant women in the most remote regions of Ukraine. These are people who cannot receive primary diagnosis, donate blood for research, receive appointments and consultations in receiving therapy, which is necessary for HIV-positive and AIDS patients.

We will remind you that during 2021, five brigades made 72 trips to 78 settlements. 965 children received medical assistance: 591 have confirmed HIV status, 374 children are under monitoring. 120 children with HIV were hospitalized in regional medical centers and the Okhmatdyt National Medical Center.