Take the order “Delivery to the door” and transport parcels weighing up to 20 kg without passengers in the car.

Take the order

Delivery from Uklon is:

  • Safety


    During the execution of such orders, you will be in a car without passengers. Therefore, you will be able to avoid additional contact with people, which is important during quarantine.

  • Comfort


    The package weighs no more than 20 kg. If there is any doubt about its integrity, you take a photo of the parcel with the sender. This will be proof that things were not damaged during the trip.

  • Free schedule

    Free schedule

    You can independently decide how and when to take orders “Delivery to the door”, and when to choose a regular order.

Answers on questions

  • How do I do Deliver to Door?

  • What if the package is damaged?

  • What if the package is not in accordance with the requirements?