Terms for Providing Beta Versions

These Beta Version Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) are an agreement between UKLON UKRAINE LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Uklon”) and another person who is a user of the Beta version of the Online Services (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).



The terms used in these Terms have the following meanings:

• Beta Version — an Online Service or a feature of the Online Service that is designated or presented to the user as an alpha version, beta version, experimental, pilot, limited version, version under development, developer preview version, early access version, non-production version, evaluation version — that is, provided before the general commercial release (and may be designated “Beta Version”).

• Online Service — Uklon Driver Online Service, Uklon Online Service, Website,  Uklon Mobile Application, Uklon Driver Mobile Application, as well as any other computer programming results owned by Uklon or its licensors. The terms Uklon Driver Online Service, Uklon Online Service, Website, Uklon Mobile Application, Uklon Driver Mobile Application are used in these Terms in the meaning given in the User Agreement and the Public Offer for the provision of access to the online service (supply of software products), which are available on the Website page htps:// (hereinafter referred to as the “Standard Terms”).


1.1. Uklon may introduce new or expand previous Online Services in the form of Beta Versions.

1.2. Uklon would like the Beta Version of the Online Service to be tested before a general commercial release.

1.3. From time to time, Uklon shall provide Users with the opportunity to test, at its sole discretion, certain features related to the Online Service that are clearly marked as Beta Versions. Beta Versions shall be intended for review. Uklon shall terminate access to Beta Versions at any time in its sole discretion and never make them publicly available.

1.4. At its sole discretion, Uklon shall determine the range of Users who may be granted access to the Beta Version.

1.5. The use of the Beta Version shall be in accordance with these Terms and the relevant Standard Terms applicable to a particular Online Service. If there is a conflict between these Terms and any Standard Terms, these Terms will prevail.


2.1. The Beta Version, access to which is provided to the User, may contain defects and shortcomings. The main purpose of this Agreement is to receive feedback on the operation of the Online Service, to identify defects and improve the stability of the Online Service, to improve the performance of its own trial versions and to test the functionality of the application.

2.2. The user shall be advised to protect important data, exercise caution and not rely in any way on the correct functioning or performance of the Beta Version. By using any Beta Versions, the User shall acknowledge that he/she may experience technical difficulties, failures, errors or lack of functionality. Thus, the use of the Beta Version shall be at the User’s own risk.

2.3. Uklon shall make no warranties or promises as to the reliability or proper functioning of the Beta Versions.

2.4. Uklon shall not be liable for any damages, claims, losses, costs, demands or liabilities arising (directly or indirectly) from any defects in the Beta Version.

2.5. The User shall agree that Uklon may collect information related to any access, use, testing, performance and functionality of the Beta Versions, which will be processed in accordance with the Regulations on the processing and protection of personal data posted on the Website page htps://


3.1. Except as otherwise permitted by the law, the User agrees not to modify, distribute, prepare derivative software products, collect, decompose, decompile or otherwise attempt to crack any code associated with the Beta Version of any Online Service.

3.2. All intellectual property rights in any Beta Versions and all data created as a result of their use belong exclusively to Uklon or its licensors and shall not be copied, distributed, downloaded, republished, decompiled, decomposed or transferred in any way without the prior written consent of Uklon.


4.1. These Terms shall be freely available on the Website.

4.2. These Terms shall be governed by, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

4.3. These Terms may be revised and amended from time to time by Uklon in the manner provided for in the Standard Terms.


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Published on December 15, 2023