Uklon joins the UN Global Compact

In June 2022, the Ukrainian online car calling service Uklon became a member of the UN Global Compact in Ukraine.

“Joining the UN Global Compact is an important and responsible step for Uklon. This is a real commitment to service users and partners with purpose to create safe and comfortable movement around the city. This is in keeping with the company’s mission, which aims to change the culture of urban life by using technological solutions for everyday challenges. Together, we must join our forces and use the full technological potential of Uklon to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. And I mean not only the impact on the ecological situation in the country, but also the provision of decent work and income for our citizens”, comments Serhiy Smus, co-founder and operational director of Uklon.

Uklon is the first Ukrainian ride-hailing service, which has the largest geographical coverage and availability in 26 cities of Ukraine (during the martial law and temporary occupation, the service was suspended in Kherson and Mariupol). Uklon unites tens of thousands of drivers who together make more than 2 mln trips per month. Currently, more than 500 specialists cooperate with the company. Uklon creates and constantly supports projects that change the country for the better.


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, our service has launched a new class of cars, “Evacuation”, thanks to it, passengers have the opportunity to move around the cities of Ukraine. In addition, the Uklon team developed the “Volunteer” project, which helps volunteers and workers of the city’s critical infrastructure with transportation. Subsequently, the “Charity contribution” option was added to the main screen of Uklon mobile application, which is aimed at supporting the “Volunteer” project. In June 2022, Uklon and the National Police of Ukraine began cooperation to search for missing children, which is important in the context of Russian military aggression against Ukraine. Thus, the company develops and implements among its customers a system of notification about the search for children.


Uklon’s accession to the UN Global Compact contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The main activities chosen by Uklon are:

  • to take measures to combat climate change;
  • to make cities viable and sustainable;
  • to ensure a healthy lifestyle and safe movement;
  • to provide decent working conditions and influence the country’s economic development;

The UN Global Compact network in Ukraine is the official representative of the UN Global Compact network. This is the world’s largest association of responsible business, which calls on companies to build their activities and strategy taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals and on the basis of ten universal principles in the field of human rights, labor protection, environmental protection and anti-corruption.